Video Surveillance Systems for Hospitality

Increase Security

Keep guests safe from theft and other criminals by helping you track visitors and prevent break-ins on your property.

Differentiate Your Hotel

 A professional surveillance system gives your guests peace of mind, and increases your ROI.

Monitor Remotely

Monitor any of your hotel security cameras at any time from any internet connection

Easy-to-use Video Surveillance Systems for Hotel and Hospitality Industries

Easy-to-use, Simple to configure and Setup

  • Ready to use from day 1 without calibration.
  • Only hours to deploy an on-premise, private cloud, and big data video solution.
  • Provide around-the-clock HD video surveillance of key areas at a reasonable cost.
Video Surveillance Systems to improve hotel operations

Improve Hotel Operation

  • Gain an unparalleled view into your entire hotel operation.
  • Video management software with advanced features 
  • Protect guests against theft and other crimes by recording events and on-site activity.
Video and Face search Video Surveillance Systems

All-in-One solution - Video and Face Search

  • Video Search (People and Vehicle Search & Detection), 
  • Meets the needs for flexible, affordable video storage capacity.
  • Monitor or check the status of your security from the web, your laptop, desktop computer, Smartphone, or tablet.


Advanced Technology

With the exciting new and emerging technologies like the IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-based solutions at the forefront of conversation, cameras remain the core imaging system component. Matching the camera capabilities and performance to the needs of each installation is critical to support overall system performance and achieve the intended objectives.

24/7 Support

Our support department is your support department. Viotec Help Desk Support covers an unlimited number of support incidents for hardware and software diagnosis and troubleshooting and issues isolation for Viotec-based solutions.

Global System and Services Integrators.

Voitec’s Global System and Services Integrators are part of a collaborative and interconnected ecosystem of trusted, strategic partners. Together with our VSI partners, we help customers navigate and advance their security transformation journeys with a focus on privacy, innovation, and tangible business outcomes in this dynamic digital world.


Intelligent & context-aware video data collection

We provide solutions that can flexibly adapt the rate of video data collection. In particular, whenever a security incident indicator is detected, the rate of data collection is increased in order to provide richer information for more accurate and credible analysis.

Other Surveillance Solutions